10 reasons why we should love Dogs

Hello Bloggers and Visitors,


I decided to write this blog about why we should love our dogs a.k.a man’s best friend.


Here are my reasons why we should seriously LOVE dogs!

  1. Dogs have been around for ages, they have assimilated with us humans for thousands of years and been our companions since then. Dogs are highly social animals and they definitely do not belong in the streets or the wild as they are dependent on humans for their food and shelter.
  2. Dogs REALLY love us humans, they will never judge or give you an attitude unlike fellow humans and you never have to live up to any sort of expectations or needs for them to love you.
  3. A dog will never abandon you-they are always there for your physical and emotional support no matter if you are happy or sad.
  4. Dogs just want to be cuddled and loved-Yes, that’s true!  Even when you are busy on your computer doing some important work, a dog will just come and look at you with their puppy eyes and beg for your attention.
  5. A dog’s saddest moment of the day comes when you have to leave the dog behind at your home when you go to work. Till the time you are back home, a dog patiently waits for you to come back and looking out of the window anxiously looking for you. Be honest, nobody else is going to literally do that with anyone. Isn’t it just amazing when you see your four legged best friend waving its tail left and right and barking happily once you open your front door after work?
  6. Dogs are great therapy animals-studies have clearly shown how a dog reduces your stress, lowers your blood pressure and heart rate and makes you feel more calm and social.
  7. Let’s face it-We all feel lazy from time to time. In the modern era, almost all of us are glued to our computers and mobiles all day. Having a dog pretty much forces you to take it for a walk a few times during the day, hence keeping you in good shape and health.
  8. Dogs are great protectors and if a dog senses that you are in great danger or harm from anyone, it will literally stand at your front and start barking and growling at the other person just to protect you 🙂 A dog will seriously throw itself in harm’s way just to go out to save your own life.
  9. A dog will never judge you-Let’s face it, we humans all judge one another based on our appearance, gender, weight/height, education, opinions etc. But honestly, a dog just sits there and once you bring one home, it never cares what you are. A dog will look at you with its puppy eyes when you speak and it just sees love and affection.
  10. Dogs can be great trouble makers at times too, at times our furry friends can be mischievous when you are not at home by going after the furnitures and other items and destroying them. Even though you want to get mad at them for destroying the house, you are definitely not able to do it once you see their sad puppy eyes, and they ask for your forgiveness by whining and looking guilty.


So guys, here are my reasons for now for why we should love dogs! Honestly, I know there are way more, and I’ll definitely keep on adding more reasons to love our dogs in future blogs. For now, peace out!



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