Pet Adoption or Puppy Mills?


When I first started falling in love with dogs, I always thought about buying a puppy. The thought of adoption had never crossed my mind. But, as I started learning more about stray dogs I found people saying ‘Adopt, don’t shop’. I have nothing against puppy mills, but adopting a dog is pretty much that you are not just getting a dog but you are also saving a dog’s life from the harm and danger of the streets or it getting euthanized if it’s not able to find a prospective owner from the dog shelters. Although I really love puppies, buying a puppy is indeed more expensive and can cost you a lot of money, and a lot of puppy mills are often run as a business and commercial centers to churn out more and more puppies. And the fact that if we start buying from adoption centers instead of puppy mills more, we would literally be saving thousands and thousands of dogs from the streets and death every month. By getting a shelter dog, you are helping to improve a dog’s life, giving it a place in your home. And you are also emptying a space in the shelter that can be used to give a home to another dog. A dog that has been “rescued” is always filled with unconditional love for you-because it knows that it has been saved by you and it tries to give is constant love and support to you. You’ll literally be changing the whole world of a dog and giving it a second chance in life by giving it a roof under their head. What could honestly be more fulfilling than that?


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