Outdoor Adventures with your DOG


So, seriously Dogs are our best friends but they often do get lonely at times! Having to simply wait hours and hours until you are back home is simply not easy, being highly social animals they often do need to go out and exercise and have their own doggy adventures.


Here are some of my ideas on how you can take your dog out for mini adventures.

  1. Biking:-Most of us stop caring for bike rides as we grow older, unless we can have our doggy friends to tag along with us 😉 You can either have small dog baskets to carry your dog with you, or you can simply have a bike leash attachment so your dog can run along with you as you paddle.
  2. Hiking:- Dogs love the outdoors, and there is no reason why we should leave our pet friends behind when we are going on our next backpack adventure. Having them tagging us will be a source of fun, adventure and competition of endurance for you and your dog. Just make sure you are carrying your medical kit equipment, and also sufficient food and water for the both of you.
  3. Beach:- Dogs love going to the beach, and many beaches are pet friendly all round the year. Who doesn’t love to see a happy dog running along the beach splashing on the water, and digging on the sand?
  4. Frisbee:-Dogs love catching things with their mouths, so go to the park with your dog, bring a frisbee, and throw your frisbee and watch as your dog runs and tries to catch it with its mouth?
  5. Swimming:-Dogs love to swim, so unless you have a pool at your home, take your dog out to the lake, and throw a ball into the lake, and watch as your dog goes to swim and retrieve the ball from the lake.

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