We need to seriously talk about these heroes. A couple of months ago, I came across this video where a group of volunteers were taking care of a group of senior dogs at a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary.


Let me link the video so you guys can check it out here.

It’s well known that sometimes dog owners let go of their old dogs due to their inability to take care of them anymore, sometimes due to huge medical bills and hand them over to the shelters or often the dogs go to the streets. But honestly, This is such a heartwarming video and these volunteers who are taking care of these many senior dogs and spending a lot of their own money to save these dogs are the real heroes of this world. These volunteers spare no expense in taking care of these dogs-and manage all the daily chores the senior dogs need and they attempt to give the best possible end of life to them. I just think we should honor their dedication and love for these animals, because honestly they are helping the dogs so much to live and survive, and give them a good life. Plus, it is pretty rare to see such unconditional love, to take care of so many dogs together. They are definitely bringing a change to this world not only by helping these dogs but also inspiring many other people to take up volunteering to take care of other old dogs.

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