Physical and emotional abuse of dogs



Hello People,

Today I want to share something with you guys that really needs to be addressed way more than it is done now-abuse faced by dogs. My article will definitely be making references to dogs but honestly, I mean it about all animals that have to suffer because of abuse by us humans.

Dogs are our best friends, they are loyal to us to the core and love us so much. They can’t wait till we get home, and honestly what better sight than seeing your best friend jumping up and down and looking excited and is wagging its tail seeing you home finally? but honestly, it upsets me when I see us humans not treating our best friend in the same way? Now I don’t necessarily mean it about everyone because there are so many of us that treat dogs like family and with love and care. But seriously, there are so many examples of us not treating our dogs properly. Because I see lots of examples of people wearing scary masks to frighten their dogs, or yelling loudly to wake up a sleeping dog or abandoning your dog in the street. A lot of people may find it funny, but honestly, we would be pissed if someone did this to us. Dogs have emotions too, and they deserve to be treated properly. In fact there are so many examples of people beating up stray dogs, or a dog catcher using a pole to catch a dog, and pull it intentionally to hurt the poor dog. Do they really find it pleasurable to hurt a poor soul? What if they switched places? Would they like to be treated like that? Honestly, this is animal abuse and I would definitely recommend that governments should enact strong animals laws so such incidents of abuse don’t happen and strict punishments be given to the abusers. Honestly, if you treat someone with kindness, you will receive the same kind of kindness from them. and honestly, if you see someone out there abusing a dog, please report the incident out there to your local police. And we definitely need more awareness so such incidents of animal abuse can be stopped.

And for all the heartless animal abusers out there, Karma’s a bitch!


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