25 Amazing Dog Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon



We all want to buy the best dog products for our pets. So, here is a list of 25 amazing dog products that I compiled with over 1,000 Amazon Reviews. I hope you like the products shown below. Oh, and the prices are accurate and the items in stock at the time of publication. 

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate | iCrate Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.33.31 PM


  • Single door folding metal dog crate, iCrate measures 48L x 30W x 33H inches & is suitable for XL dog breeds
  • Dog crate includes free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber “roller” feet to protect your floors & a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Two heavy duty slide-bolt latches (per door) securely lock dog crate door in place keeping your dog safely inside their pet home
  • Folding metal dog crate assembles easily w/out tools & folds flat for convenient storage, travel & portability inside & outside your home
  • Durable metal dog crate design creates a safe place for your pet while you’re away & provides for your dog’s instinctual “den” instincts. Patented rounded corner clips greatly reduce possible sharp-points on the wire dog crate for a safer experience for you & your dog

Price: $73.99

Popular Review: ” It can be difficult to accurately judge how much room your dog will have in a crate. It’s roomier than you might think. We bought the 42″ size for our 100 lb adult German Shepherd. She can stand fully upright inside it with comfort and she can turn around. She can lie down and stretch her front legs straight out. She does not have room to exercise, but exercise is not the point of a crate. She is safe, secure and comfortable inside it. It is well made, easy to set up and fold, with a roomy door for clean-up and care. It’s about half the cost of a similar crate at a major bricks and mortar retailer. Look for the photo to get a reference. I don’t think you’ll find a better deal”. –Dot Matrix.

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2. PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable and Waterproof, All Size Dogs (10Lbs – 100Lbs), 1200 Foot Range

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.53.33 PM


  • THE ULTIMATE DOG TRAINING COLLAR – Immensely Popular, Fully Waterproof E-Collar used by Expert Trainers and First Time Pet Owners. Can be used to help correct Barking, Walking, Leash Training, Sitting, Aggression, and other Behavioral Obedience
  • HUGE LCD REMOTE WITH ADJUSTABLE SHOCK AND 4 MODES – 1-100 Level of Customization for both the Static Stimulation and Vibration. You can also use a Tone (Beep) Mode which will give an Audible Warning. LCD has a Blue Backlit Design for Both Day and Night. Shock setting only recommended in emergency situations and is not advised as a form of positive behavioral training
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE – Rapid Charging Lithium Ion Battery Provides a long lasting Battery Life. Auto Power Protect Mode Helps Conserve Battery Life When Not In Use.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – If You Ever Have any Issue with Your Training Collar, the Manufacturer will Provide a full Replacement or Refund. Please visit the manufacturer’s website for details on how to set up and use the device.
  • COMPLIMENTARY EXPERT DOG TRAINING – If You Need dog training help Our Expert dog trainer offers one-on-one email advice to all customers.

Price: $39.99

Popular Review: “Woah! I have been a trainer for many years and always felt “shock” collars weren’t the humane way to train until our new dog just wouldn’t stop barking for no reason. I tried the vibrate and the “shock” mode on myself before I put it on her. 1st, Vibrate mode is a soft shake of the device. My kids and I had fun passing it around to try each level. 2nd, “Shock” mode isn’t the type of shock these devices used to have. It’s static shock, like dragging your feet across the floor and then touching someone hoping there’s a shock for fun. Level 100 isn’t fun…… Just FYI. And no I did not let my kids try shock mode. In one day our dog stopped ALL bad behavior. I only used the shock mode once. I start with asking her to stop barking and use the beep mode. She didn’t listen so I used the vibrate level 50. She was confused and continued to bark a little. I gave her the enough command to stop and gave her the shock mode level 50. She immediately laid down and stopped. I’ve never used shock mode since. She is very smart and learned the beep means business. I’d say 90% of the time she listens with the beep and the other 10% is just vibrate on level 25. I ONLY wanted it for problem barking but she is an absolute angel in all ways. She doesn’t even beg for food anymore or ambush family when they walk in. She’s calmed down and is also more gentle with my kids. She’s still the happy, goofy, 90 pound Bernese Mountain Dog she always was but with manners. It’s only been 3 days and everyone is very pleased with the results. I love that the seller contacted us twice to make sure all was well. It was easy to set up and use as well. I couldn’t be happier to be able to have conversations with folks outside and not have her barking like a psychopath. My dog is the good dog on the block now”. – Mr. & Mrs. Bartalone.

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3. Ruffwear – Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 4.03.20 PM


  • GREAT FOR PULLERS: The Front Range features two leash attachment points: one on the chest up front for more control when your pup’s still training, and one on the back for more relaxed walks.
  • A STRONG CONNECTION: The aluminium attachment rings are reinforced with webbing, providing a safe and durable connection.
  • HASSLE-FREE HARNESS: The Front Range Harness is designed to slip over your dog’s head and stay secure with side-release buckles, making it easy to gear up and get out there.
  • DESIGNED FOR DOGS: The padded chest and belly panel offers all-day comfort for extended walks, runs, and hikes. Get a customizable fit for your pup with four points of adjustment.
  • THOUGHTFUL FEATURES: Tuck ID tags into the built-in pocket for collar-free adventures. With reflective trim, you and your dog can get out earlier and stay out longer.

Price: $39.95

Popular Review: “I purchased this harness using the size chart for my 62lbs boxer mix that has a 30” chest. I have purchased Ruffwear products for him in the past, including jackets and packs. I was looking for an easy harness for hiking in the summer in the Florida heat without a pack and this came highly recommended.

The harness is incredibly well made like all of their products. It has a super cool pocket to hook an ID tag to and hide it so it does not make any noise. The edges are soft and comfortable and adjustment was fairly easy. Everything about this harness is top notch quality.

I am knocking this product one star because even though I fitted my dog correctly per the chart, the harness is not long enough for him to wear without chafing him. it sits right over his withers and actually looked a bit uncomfortable as he walked. I also worry about the pressure put on the shoulder blades. The chest plate came too far up on his throat also. While he does not pull, this could cause damage in the event that he did pull, or lunge at something furry on the trail..

Incredibly well made, but watch the sizing. Like I said, my dog wear a medium in other Ruffwear styles, but in this harness, it was too small/short for him even though I still had plenty of length left in the straps”. — Pint Toes.

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4. Chuckit! Launcher

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 4.15.27 PM


  • Throw farther, faster, & never bend down to pick up a slobbery ball again
  • Made from lightweight flexible plastic that firmly grasps a ball, then releases it as you swing
  • Long ergonomic handle for the ultimate comfort & control
  • Exercise your dog in a fraction of the time! Throws tennis ball 3X further
  • Medium Size with 26 inch handle; Can be used with all medium 2.5-inch Chuckit! Balls

Price: $9.92

Popular Review: “Combined with the Max Glow ball, this is the best dog toy available on modern planet Earth.

I have a burly 92lb. pit bull mix with highly developed prey drive, and she will chase the glow ball for hours if I let her.

The tiny sport launcher (Sport 12M) is the best, because you can still throw the ball really far, but you can also slam the ball down a few feet away from yourself so it bounces up in the air and your dog has to jump to catch it, or you can throw it up really high so it bounces 15′ away or so and your dog can jump to catch it. We sometimes have to play fetch in a pretty small area, so it’s nice to have the small launcher for these games. The larger launchers aren’t as fun in small areas. You can play the same games but it’s trickier to throw the ball correctly.

Also, the small launcher is a lot easier to carry. The small launcher fits in my dog-walk-stuff backpack (with the ball in the launcher so I don’t have to dig for it later), but the big ones don’t easily. The launcher also has a hole in the end so you can hang it from your bag or whatever with a carabiner. The big ones are too long for that in most cases, and swing back and forth.

Also-also my dog loves to ask for the launcher, then when I give it to her she plays keep-away and it’s adorable. The big launcher I have is harder for her to balance in her mouth, so she just lays down and chews on it until it gets taken away. She’s chewed on all of the four Chuck Its we’ve owned, but she’s only broken one (a big one), but that’s because she got ahold of it when no one was home. The little one in my bag is totally chewed up but still works great. I think they’re sturdier than the big ones. Except for the launcher she chewed into pieces, which was our fault, the only reason we’ve had to replace anything was because we lost it. Usually we keep the launcher and ball in the backpack so she can’t get to them and so they don’t get lost, so we rarely have to replace them. There is just not a better value in toys, and the startup price is really low.

Once again I really recommend the glow ball! It doesn’t get soggy no matter how wet the grass or the dog mouth is. It is fun to chase because it is slippery and it collapses when it’s squeezed, so it pops out of the dog’s mouth and flies away if they bite it at the wrong angle; it’s really bouncy, and stays bouncy because it can’t be popped; it whistles so you can usually hear it even if you can’t see it; and it really glows enough for nighttime catch, even if you only have your cellphone flashlight to charge it up!

I should have said, we have the 12M launcher, which means the handle is 12 inches long and it uses a medium-sized ball. The medium ball is 2.5 inches in diameter, so the launcher will fit regular tennis balls, too! But my dog won’t play with regular tennis balls anymore because they aren’t anywhere near as fun as the glow balls, and I think she doesn’t like having gross sloshy muddy tennis balls in her mouth.

I lost my short launcher awhile back and could only get a long one locally to replace it, which reminded me that you have to lean over a lot further to use the short launcher. So if you have trouble leaning over to the point that your hand is a foot above the ground, this may be hard for you to use.

I wish Amazon would let us choose colors, because my old one was green, and the big one is orange, both of which are bright enough to see in the grass from far away, even at night”.

Still, best toy! –Wild Animals. 

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5. 1000 Pet Waste Bags Disposal Bags With Dispenser Dog Pick Up Bags

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.03.31 PM


  • 1000 Bags Per Case (50 Rolls)
  • Bags Measure: 9″x12″ (inches)
  • Core-less, Unscented, Leak Proof
  • Includes EZ Self Tearing Dispenser
  • Available Color: Blue, Black, Pink

Price: $14.98

Popular Review: “This review is mostly about the little bag holder more than it is about the million little bags you get (I’m exaggerating on that number). The bags: sure great, they work. The little bag holder, however, is phenomenal. I have gone thru a ton of these little holders in previous different purchases; they break, pop off their holder, everything wrong has happened with me and I have spilled a ton of rolled bags while my dog is trying to take a dump. This one has met all standards of just holding poop bags the way it should. It’s such a small convenience that all dog owners who take their dogs out should enjoy. You know it works when your husband also compliments it. Good job EZ !” — Elsa

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6. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy, Made in USA, Medium, Real Bacon Flavor

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 7.55.04 PM


  • Dog-Friendly Design – Last time we checked, dogs don’t have thumbs. Our wishbone chew is cleverly designed so your pup can get a good chew going.
  • Real Flavor – We use only 100% real food ingredients for irresistible flavor and scent. We fuse 100% USA-sourced REAL BACON all the way through the chew. Dogs can tell the difference.
  • Made in the USA – We are fully committed to Made in USA, including packaging, tooling, and all material and ingredient sourcing. We proudly manufacture our products in New York.
  • Dog Welfare – We are fully committed to the welfare of dogs through product donations and community involvement.
  • Safety First – Benebones are not edible. Supervise closely and discard/replace when appropriate.

Price: $11.59

Popular Review: ” The best way to describe Benebone Jumbo Chew is to think about all the toys and bones you have purchased for your dog. Many of these toys aren’t touched each day, let alone for over a week. Your dog gets bored. However, with the Benebone Jumbo Chew, your dog will be chewing on this bone not only each day but numerous times each day. My Golden Retriever is 9 months, weighs between 65 and 70lbs and has been chewing on this for the last 2 1/2 weeks. I hope that the Benebone Company comes out with new flavors in Jumbo or Mega Jumbo (new bigger size..hint, hint) so that all dogs can enjoy this wonderful treat in more flavors. I’m attaching a front and back picture of the Benebone Jumbo Chew as it looks today…and the first day my Golden Retriever received the Benebone Jumbo Chew”. — NYCalWoman

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7. GREENIES Original TEENIE Dog Dental Chews – 27 Ounces 96 Treats

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.00.50 PM


  • Contains (1) 27oz pouch of Greenies Teenie Dental Dog Treats
  • Tasty dog treat helps control harmful plaque and tartar build-up
  • Ideal for dogs 5 to 15 pounds
  • Tasty dog treat helps control harmful plaque and tartar build-up

Price: $27.99

Popular Reviews: “I have always had a love/hate relationship with Greenies. My dog is has been eating a one a day for the last 7 years of his life, which I figure is a total of 2,500 Greenies. Well you’re probably thinking if I’ve bought that many then they must be great, right? Wrong! My dog absolutely loves the taste of them and has come to expect one every morning after he does his business. From what I can tell the treats are perfectly healthy and don’t do him any harm, so he continues to get them. That’s about as far as all of the positives go. Greenies claim to clean down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen breath. They certainly don’t do much at all in regards to any of these areas. His breath always has a permanent fishy smell to it, probably in relation to the food he eats. He has tried different foods of various varieties, but the bad breath continues to persist. I’m not complaining that my dog has bad breath, but the product shouldn’t claim to freshen it if it really doesn’t. When it comes to fighting plaque and tartar, it definitely fails at this immensely. My dog is only about 7 and he has lost probably about a half a dozen of his teeth already. I’m sure a lot of this has to do with just some dogs being more susceptible to having bad teeth, just like with humans. But eating a Greenie every single day has done absolutely nothing in terms of combating the degeneration of his teeth. Just as a comparison, my parents have two other dogs that eat a Greenie every day as well. Both dogs also have that persistent fishy smelling breath. So I can conclude that Greenies definitely don’t help much in fighting the bad breath. As a result, I continue to buy my dog the Greenies because he’s so used to them, but they’re really nothing more than a tasty treat at this point with zero extra benefits” –RingWraith.

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8. FurHaven Ultra Plush/Velvet Orthopedic Dog Couch Sofa Bed for Dogs and Cats – Available in 7 Colors/Styles

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.05.33 PM


  • Bolstered edges are soft and supportive
  • “Egg-crate” orthopedic foam base supports joints and soothes pressure points for deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Water-resistant polycanvas base
  • Plush faux fur sleep surface is super soft and durable!
  • Jumbo Dimensions: 44″ x 35″ x 4.5″ (sleep surface – 32″ x 29″)

Price: $45.99

Popular Reviews: “It’s huge! I was worried the large wouldn’t be big enough, but it’s like a king size bed for my almost 6 year old boxer. She approves and so does mommy! I’ll give it 5 stars after its been used for a while and goes through a wash. It doesn’t look promising, but this has always been an issue for me through the years. 4 stars for now!
Update 9/4/17- it’s been through hell and back with quite a few washes and is still holding up amazing and looks brand new. Best dog bed I’ve ever purchased. I changed my rating to 5 stars. Amazing bed and quality”! — Kellie McDonald.

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9. Providence Engraving Aluminum Pet ID Tags for Cat and Dog

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.10.25 PM


  • Premium Quality Anodized Aluminum Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats by PROVIDENCE ENGRAVING. We are a Manufacturer of Pet ID Tags and Utilize Only the Highest Quality, Domestically Sourced, Aircraft-Grade Aluminum to Ensure Superior Durability and Pet Safety.
  • In the Customization Utility You May Specify Your SIZE, SHAPE, & COLOR and Add UP TO 4 LINE OF CUSTOM TEXT ON EACH SIDE. Color Options: Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Gold, Silver, Black, Orange / Size Options: Small or Large
  • PLEASE NOTE: the Cat Face and Paw Shapes Are Embossed on One Side so for the Best Result We Recommend Engraving These Shapes on a Single Side Only
  • SIZING: SMALL Tags are Approximately 1″ in Diameter While LARGE Tags are Approximately 1.3″ in Diameter. In General, Size SMALL is Recommended for Toy Dog Breeds and All Cats.

Price: $3.70

Popular Reviews: “A couple of weeks ago I spent an afternoon (much longer than i wanted) reading a bunch of reviews. I didn’t know which kind of tag to buy. So many different types and even more opinions. I decided to go the cheap route and I am so glad I did.

We received the tags today and they look awesome! I am pleasantly surprised. I honestly expected something to go wrong. The directions ask that we put the info to be put on the tag in the gift message space. I did that. I took my time and had it spaced out so they’d be able to see how I wanted it. At checkout I noticed Amazon removed all my extra spaces. I figured the engravers see enough orders come through that they should be able to figure it out. They came EXACTLY how I wanted. I’m very impressed. Also, in the package also included a note regarding laser printing vs rotary engraving. (That was another hot topic within the reviews). They say laser printing will not rub or wear and encouraged the consumers to search the Internet for more info. I respect how they confronted the issue.

In the future, I will definitely buy these again. The price is right and the tags are perfect”! –Nica.

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10. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food with Real Roasted Bison & Venison 30lb

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.16.41 PM


  • A taste of the wild with ROASTED BISON; REAL MEAT is the #1 ingredient; optimal amino acid profile, protein rich for LEAN, STRONG MUSCLES
  • A NATURAL food with added vitamins & minerals; fruits and vegetables as SUPERFOODS for natural ANTIOXIDANTS; fatty acid blend for SKIN & COAT
  • Nutrient rich and HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE with guaranteed species-specific, PROPRIETARY PROBIOTICS that survive and thrive in the GI tract
  • Ingredients from TRUSTED, SUSTAINABLE sources around the world; made with NO GRAIN, corn, wheat, filler; no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives.
  • MADE in the USA; FAMILY OWNED & run; food made with the most scientifically advanced food safety protocols.

Price: $48.99

Popular Reviews: “I have 2 eight week old shepherd puppies that I had been feeding puppy chow since 5 weeks old. They had started going through it like candy and seemed not to be getting the nutrients they needed. After researching and researching all the different brands out there, I was going to try the Blue Buffalo brand for puppies until I found The Taste Of The Wild. According to everything I read and ALL the youtube videos I watched, I seen it was even better than the Blue Buffalo ingredient wise, plus it was cheaper in price to my surprise. I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. I know they advise not to just completely change the puppies diet completely at once but I wanted to see how they would react to one bowl. They were like little vacuum cleaners and seemed to not be able to eat it fast enough. THEY LOVED IT! They were standing in the bowl trying to eat it as fast as they could. Now with that being said, at their next feeding time, I gave them back the puppy chow brand. They sniffed it and refused to eat it. It sat there for 2 hours or so until they were finally hungry enough to eat I guess. On the next feeding, I mixed it half and half. This time they did like little kids do picking marshmallows out of their cereal, they picked out The Taste Of The Wild from the puppy chow. All that was left was a half bowl of Puppy Chow. Haha. So now I had to completely switch to the Taste Of The Wild because they refuse to eat the puppy chow. Doing this harsh quick switch did mess their tummies up for the first couple of days, it made their stool soft and runny, but now it is back to normal. Even though they have always been playful, they seem to have twice the energy now after only one week, and the feeding has essentially been cut in half. Like other people have said about it, it doesn’t require as much, is absolutely true. They seem to be getting all the nutrients they need on half the amount previously fed with the puppy chow. They do not act like they are starving anymore at feeding time. They will not be one piece left after feeding either, they clean every piece that hits the floor. So my final thought is that Taste Of The Wild is an EXCELLENT product and I will definitely be buying it again in the future. I am also on a budget and took into consideration the cost factor and concluded this, even though it cost more up front than your cheaper brands, it actually comes out to be less per pound because of the feeding dosage. It will only require half as much of TOTW as something like puppy chow so buying 30 pounds of TOTW is like buying 60 pounds of puppy chow. Overall I give it 2 thumbs up and 5 stars. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed”! –Mitch L.

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11. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys for Dogs

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.31.42 PM


  • PERFECT SIZE FOR FUN: The Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel is available in 4 different sizes ranging from Junior to Ginormous and is stuffed with our best-selling squeaking squirrels for tons of seeking and squeaking fun for everyone!
  • BYE, BYE BORED DOGS: This soft dog toy doubles as an interactive dog game that you can play with your dog! Stuff the Hide A Squirrel trunk with squirrels and place on the floor for your dog to sniff and scrounge.
  • FOLLOW YOUR NOSE: These sneaky and squeaky squirrels have found the perfect hiding spot inside their tree trunk and your dog will love sniffing them out! Once found, watch as your dog pulls squirrels from their home one by one. The Ginormous Hide a Squirrel features 5 squirrel-stuffed holes for even more hide and squeak fun!
  • SQUEAK ATTTACK: Each Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel stuffed squirrel is loaded with one large squeaker that keeps dogs playing longer with the squeaky sound they love.
  • 2-IN-1 PLAY: The fun doesn’t stop at the stump. Perfect for toss and fetch, these removeable squirrels are work great for a fun game of fetch indoors and out!

Price: $7.99

Popular Review: “I have a 7 pound maltese and a 16 pound bichon. I ended up ordering a ‘large’ and my bichon loved it, but today I found a junior at a local store and bought that too.

Both sizes are ok for my bichon – at least she thinks so – but the ‘large’ works better. She has no problem carrying the larger log or getting the squirrels out. With the junior, she’ll hoard the squirrels once they’re out of the log (they’re not small enough to be a choking hazard), but the log holes are smaller and it’s harder for her to jam her face in there and pull them out.

With my maltese, it’s just the opposite. She had no problem with the large squirrels and she had some fun dragging the larger log around the room, but the combination is too unwieldy for her. The junior is a perfect size.

I’ve included a few pictures, with a standard AA battery to scale”. — Megan.

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12. Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Dog Toy, As Seen on TV

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.35.50 PM


  • Fun for Dogs of All Ages
  • Helps Keep Dogs Happy, Healthy and Fit
  • Can use indoor or outdoor
  • 6 clutch pockets allow dogs to easily to pick it up
  • Tubes inside ball emits sounds and giggles when rolled or shaken

Price: $9.99

Popular Review: “After reading the reviews I just needed to state a couple of FACTS about this product: 1) It is NOT ment to be a chew toy; it is a toy you use to play WITH your dog. NO, do not throw the ball but ROLL it on the ground/floor, as if u were bowling. If you’re dog is trained to fetch, they will have fun trying to figure out how to ‘grab’ it & return it to u.
2) PER THE INSTRUCTIONS, contained in the box, when you bring the toy out of the box act EXCITED about it !! dogs are not humans their animals; they follow your lead … They react to your emotion.
With that said I have a 65 pound lab/boxer mix, heavy duty chewer, & she loves it when we play with this ball.
Hope this helps your decision to buy or not to buy”. — Mimi LaBud.

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13. HDP Safari De-matting Comb

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.45.30 PM


  • Stainless steel
  • Removes mats
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Designed to easily remove mats and tangles from a variety of coat types
  • Grooming and de-matting your dog is easy with our dog de-matting comb
  • Suitable for use on breeds with medium to longhaired coats
  • Especially helpful for coarse or long, matted coats
  • Blades can be reversed for right or left handed use
  • Recommended by professional groomers
  • Always comb in the direction of the hair growth

Price: $7.99

Popular Review: “I don’t often write reviews, but this comb works so well that I had to let people know. I have two long hair Seal-Point Ragdoll Cats. They often get mats under their “armpits” and along their lower back where they can’t reach very well to groom themselves. I brush them regularly, but the mats are deep, right against the skin and I would often miss preventing them until it was too late and then I would have to work with a comb to try and get them out. This usually took time and some tugging, which they both absolutely hated. They even got to the point that they would run when they saw me getting out the comb. I tried a couple different kinds, including the furminator (which was awful btw. It just tears/cuts their fur out). I saw this advertised and thought I could give it a try since it wasn’t too expensive. OMG! It’s amazing. The comb gets under the matted fur and the blades just glide through it, breaking the mat up. Both cats have no issues with brushing now. I usually start with this comb until I can get through the fur with no issues, then finish them off with another finer comb to get the rest of the loose hair. Highly recommend”! — Miss Robin.

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14.GREENIES Original TEENIE Dog Dental Chews Dog Treats

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.55.05 PM


  • Contains Greenies Dental Dog Treats, Teenie Size, Original Flavor (22 Treats, 6 Ounces) . one uniquely chewy Greenies Dental Treat is all it takes to help clean teeth and help freshen breath all with one irrisistably tasty treat
  • The unique, delightfully chewy texture of Greenies Dog Treats cleans down to the gum line to help fight plaque and help fight tartar while freshening breath; your dog can’t wait to sink their teeth into these chewy dog treats
  • Best of all these dog treats: natural, plus vitamins, minerals & nutrients, are made with highly soluble ingredients that are easy to digest; give your dog the mouth-wowing treat that helps promote oral health with Greenies Dog Treats; Treat your dog fantastically with these grain free treats
  • Giving your dog Greenies treats is an easy and delicious way to promote oral health; your dog will fall head over tails for Greenies Dental Treats and you will like that they clean their mouth from top to bottom.
  • Wholesome and healthy, Greenies mouth-wowing treats effectively clean teeth, freshen breath, and fight plaque and tartar; easy to digest; proudly made in Kansas City with quality ingredients from around the world

Price: $8.99

Popular Review: “These Greenies dental dog treats are my Chihuahua’s favorite. I have been giving her this brand since she was just a puppy and she took to it immediacy, never had a problem with her not wanting to eat it. Having tried several of the Greenis line of treats, this one seems to be the one she likes to eat the most. I also prefer this variety over the others as well. I personally prefer the bag greenies over the box greenies because the bag is easier to open and close and keeps the treats fresh.

Every morning she is by the pantry patiently waiting for her greenie treat. When I give it to her, she gives me her paw, takes the treat, and runs away with it to our bedroom. The whole thing is gone within a matter of minutes, there never is any waste with this one. During the 8-year period of giving these to her, not once has she ever gotten ill or vomited from them.

For an 8-year-old Chihuahua she has great teeth and gums and I contribute that to the Greenies. I do brush her teeth and use a dental spray but this treat is what makes her teeth stay healthy. We have never had a problem with any of her dental checkups and she always gets an A+ bill of health.

These treats are very tiny which is perfect for smaller dogs. They do a great job keeping her teeth and gums cleaned also, she does not have bad breath. Her breath has never been an issue and that is because her teeth are in great shape. Brushing and dental cleanings have also helped throughout the years but, this treat has been the best in-between maintenance. My vet has a store attached to his practice and keeps Greenies stocked on a regular basis. I prefer to purchase my bags from Amazon, you just can’t beat the price.

It’s never too late to start with these treats. A dog can be a puppy or an adult and these treats will help reduce tarter buildup. I will continue to purchase these Greenies because I know it works for her. I would recommend this brand to any dog owner that is interested in purchasing this item”. — Donna Gall.

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15. AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 9.17.15 PM


  • Each pad measures 22×22 inches (LxW), with the center pad measuring 19×19 inches (LxW). The pad has a 1.5 inch plastic border on all sides to prevent overflow.
  • Super-absorbent core that turns liquid to gel upon contact
  • Leak proof with plastic lining to prevent damage to floors
  • Quick-dry surface with built-in attractant
  • Regular size training pad is intended for puppies and small dogs only, medium-large sized dogs should use the AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads, Extra-Large

Price: $17.99

Popular Review: “I compared to Out Odor Control brand from Wal-Mart. Amazon’s cost 13¢ per pass vs Wal-Mart cheaper pad (.24¢ /pad). Shown in picture: 1 tbsp water poured onto pad. Water spread a tad more on Amazon brand. Poured 1/4 cup of water and spread was same, but water leaked through the Wal-Mart pad. Amazon pad did not leak. My vote is for the Amazon brand. We have an older pug, a finicky Chihuahua, and a 25 pd spaniel mix with our manners. The pads are used everyday, so cost and effectiveness are important”. –TH

Buy From Amazon:


16. Milk Bone Maro Snacks Dog Treats 

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.10.22 PM


  • Contains 1 – 40 oz canister
  • Wholesome, delicious treats that you can feel good about giving
  • Tasty and nutritious with real bone marrow
  • Rich in calcium to help maintain strong teeth and bones
  • Produced in Buffalo, New York

Price: $6.92

Popular Review: “My dog, a boston terrier, loves this treat. They are small enough that I can give her a couple, so I like to use them when training for tricks to reward her for doing something particularly hard. They are more exciting than training treats but can still be eaten quickly. This is a huge bin, a great price, and the container is air tight. There are a lot of little bugs where I live that like to infiltrate my dog food, so I actually keep the container every time I empty one and use it to store dog food, treats, etc. The wide mouth to the jar means it’s very easy to get in and out of”. — Online Shopper

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17. Chuckit! Ultra Ball


  • Made of natural rubber
  • Designed to bounce high
  • Non-Toxic. Manufactured in Vietnam
  • Durable dog ball perfect for fetching
  • Made from natural high-bounce rubber
  • Great for pools and ponds
  • Easy to clean
  • Works with medium Chuckit! Ball Launchers

Price: $7.94

Popular Review: “Well, this is the ONLY toy that our dog LOVES. The ChuckIt Ultra is her obsession. She has them strategically hidden around the house for quick/easy access, she follows us around with one, she sometimes even brings one to bed with her. Squeaky toys are … well … FINE in a pinch, but really, nothing in her world compares with this ball. She is a 50lb Springer Spaniel and has only managed to “crack” one of these balls in 2+ years, and she chews on them almost like a pacifier (she’ll just sit there and chomp chomp chomp on it). She prefers the medium size, but we have a large size Ultra and she enjoys that too.

They are easy to throw (with or without the ChuckIt stick), they bounce great, they FLOAT, they are super easy to wash off (that alone is worth the 5 stars for anyone out there who has tried to wash off a tennis ball) and they are really durable”. — P. Hanson.

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18. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars – Black, WaterProof & Hammock Convertible


  • Black & hammock convertible: 54″ x 58″: designed for the backseats of standard cars, trucks, & SUVs. Easily convertible between hammock or standard bench coverage. Bench section of the seat cover is designed with 7″ side-flap extensions for extra coverage to the side of your seat cushions.
  • Waterproof: Made with high quality heavy-duty waterproof polyester for durability and comfort. Include Built-in Velcro Openings for your seat belts and Seat Anchors to prevent the seat cover from sliding around.
  • Protects back seats From dirt, spills, scratches, hair & fur, and other messes.
  • Designed with color-fast material to prevent color bleeding and premium components free of Azo dyes and heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. Also tested to withstand extreme temperatures so you will never have to worry about damage to your vehicles anymore.
  • Very easy to install – just snap the buckle straps around your headrests and tuck in the seat anchors. Very easy to clean – machine washable using gentle cycle.

Price: $19.99

Popular Review: “This is an amazing product. This works wonderfully for the back of the truck for my Siberian Husky (who sheds like CRAZY). It keeps my car clean from fur, dirt, and even mud. My husky is gets quite hyper and moves all over the car, but this product is HIGHLY DURABLE. What I love about this product is its ability to be easily moved and fit in any car. So, if I ask someone to look after my dog(s) I don’t feel so bad about letting them use it! Plus the pockets on it are great for toys, treats, a leash, a ball, or other items. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” —Garcia.

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19. MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen, 8 Panels Each

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.22.42 PM.png


  • Each panel measures 24″W x 30″H, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen folds flat for convenient storage
  • Exercise Pen provides 16 square feet enclosed area (1.5 meters) for your dog & other pets
  • 8 ground anchors for outdoor use and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly included with Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen
  • Duable black e-coat finish on the Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen provides long lasting protection against rust and outdoor elements
  • Easy set-up & no tools required for assembly. Exercise Pen includes 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Suitable for Dogs 26 – 40 pounds

Price: $36.79

Popular Review: “Crazy bunny mom checking in here! After much deliberation, we decided to expand our bunnies play area for when we are out of the house. She is a bigger bunny but not much of a jumper. If you do have a jumper (of any animal) I’d recommend a little more height. The fencing material is of nice quality and the size/height is just perfect for us. My bunny has room now to romp around and also leaves room for us to put her boxes/toys while we’re gone. It does come with small clips but our rabbit is not incredibly mischievous so we typically just leave it against her cage and let her believe she’s trapped..which, to our advantage, she does. It should also be noted that while she is only 4-5 pounds, she is a hard flopper. Thankfully, this pen can withstand her brute bunny strength which I think we both appreciate. We “attach” it to her XL dog crate so she has her home still! It’s a bit heavy, but that is probably just a personal problem of mine. :)” –Christina G.

Popular From Amazon: 


20. Suncast DH350 Dog House

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.26.30 PM.png


  • Attractive, safe, easy-to-assemble dwelling for your dog to call home
  • Durable resin construction with crowned floor
  • For dogs up to 100 pounds
  • Easy snap-together assembly
  • Includes vinyl doors and letters to personalize with your pet’s name
  • Door opening: 13-3/4 in. W x 19-1/2in. H
  • Dimensions: 33 in. W x 38-1/2 in. D x 32 in. H
  • Vents provide air circulation

Price: $73.84

Popular Review: ” So ,I bought two dog houses from suncast different sizes because I wasn’t sure about the sizes. I bought the blue one and green one. Afraidly, because I never shop on Amazon I take a chance and make the purchase. I gotta tell you by far after looking around for something reasonable with quality I’m glad I made this purchase. It’s great for large dogs as well and because now I have two 4 month old huskies keeping in mind that they will get big I needed something that they could fit in. It was so easy to put together and easy to follow instructions. Only thing is that you’re probably going to have to set the houses on top of small bricks just to keep from water going inside if it ever rains, bottom board seems to be a little thin but it’s not bad. If you’re having second thoughts about this don’t! You’ll be happy you made this purchase. Thank you suncast and amazon! Dakota, Storm and Princess love their houses”. –Betty Monoe.

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21. Paws & Pals Natural Dog-Shampoo And Conditioner – 20oz Medicated Clinical Vet Formula Wash For All Pets Puppy & Cats

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.32.02 PM


  • INGREDIENTS: Ultra-purified water, infused with aloe barbadensis extract, sodium laureth sulfate, lauryl glucoside and cacamidopropyl betaine, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, sodium laureth sulfate (and) glycol distearate (and) cocamide-mea (and) laureth-10, colloidall oatmeal, vitamin e, peg-12 dimethicone, organic borago officinalis (borage) seed oil, organic shea (butyrospermum parkii) butter, glycerin, polysorbate-20,
  • INGREDIENTS CONT.: methylchlorolsothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, citric acid, versene, Na2, fragrance
  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE NATURAL PET SHAMPOO FOR YOUR LOYAL COMPANION: Our Pet Wash Shampoo is a premium coat and skin treatment that comes directly to you and your pet without sacrificing vegan and organic principles or quality . Our delicate balance of essential oils form the foundation of a veterinarian recommended coat care regimen.
  • QUALITY SHAMPOO FOR YOUR DOG WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Paws & Pals is proud to offer our Fully vegan and organic Pet Wash Shampoo. Your dog is a loving member of your family, does he or she not deserve the best when it comes to caring for their coat and skin. At Paws & Pals we have developed an all natural and organic shampoo that not only respects the environment as well as nature, but insures that in doing so your pet has the best possible skin care and coat treatment available.
  • TEAR-FREE SOAPLESS FORMULA TURNS BATHTIME INTO PLAYTIME: Our tear free formula is the result of natural oils and extracts that do not irritate or inflame your dogs eyes or nose, ensuring that bath time is a fun and playful experience for you both. (we cannot guarantee a splash‚­free experience.) .

Price: $11.95

Popular Review: “We purchased the original scent paws & pals Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo & Conditioner…

This stuff is great for our border collie mix! She suffers from dry flaky skin that is super sensitive to just about any other shampoo we use on her. She’ll itch all day long and into the night too, this shampoo was a game changer. No more dry irritated skin, no more dandruff, and most importantly no more itching!

Plus, the scent isn’t overpowering like most other dogs shampoos she’s clean without smelling like she was dipped in a tub of perfume.

She has a long dark double coat and this oatmeal shampoo really made her coat silky, non-oily, and tangle free. We used it on our Rat Terrier too, who has a shorter lighter coat and his came out just as soft! And this is only after one bath!

This Shampoo is exactly what we’ve been looking for! Will definitely buy again”. — Anthony and Lindsey.

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22. Bayer Advantage II Topical Flea Treatment Dogs

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.37.26 PM.png


  • Kills all flea life stages
  • Prevents fleas on a treated dog from infesting your home
  • Kills fleas within 12 hours of initial application
  • Kills reinfesting fleas within 2 hours
  • Works through contact, so fleas don’t have to bite to die
  • Waterproof

Price: $42.99

Popular Review: “I have tried many different versions of flea medications, both prescribed and available over-the-counter and this is the best one I have ever come across. In Florida we have some really vicious fleas that seem to be immune to some of the other products that are on the market. This is the only over-the-counter product that works for my pets and stops the flea cycle.

The first time I ever used Advantage II, was on my cats. I applied it on the back of their necks and left them sleeping on my bed. When I came back, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were dead and dying fleas all over my bed and it was completely disgusting. There were also these small light orange things that may have been flea eggs and small white worms. I have never seen that type of thing happen with any other flea product before and I’ve tried most of them.

I now apply the product and then lay down old towels and put the pets in a room by themselves. After a few hours I come in,  throw the towels away and clean the room completely from top to bottom and vacuum thoroughly. We have not had a flea infestation thanks to this stuff. I purchase the extra large dose for my 4 dogs and give each of my pets the amount recommended by my Vet from the one vial. One extra large dose is enough flea medication for all four of my dogs.

I highly recommend giving Advantage II a try. It really does work to kill all the life stages of fleas and will break the flea cycle”. — Barbara Hughes.

Popular From Amazon:


23. Scheppend Adidog Pet Clothes for Dog Cat Puppy Hoodies Coat Winter Sweatshirt Warm Sweater

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.41.18 PM.png


  • TIPS: Your baby usually wears size S doesn’t mean all size S will fit him/her!!!So please measure your dog and have a reference before your purchase according to the size map below Product Description(PS:According to our customers reviews,you can order the larger size)
  • Button closure design,easy to put on and take off
  • Size:L (back length:11.81 inch, neck girth:11.41 inch, chest girth:16.53 inch)
  • Soft cotton material keep little pet comfortable and warm during the cold winter
  • Classical and fashionable hooded four legged sweatshirt with “adidog” letter printed on the back

Price: $9.89

Popular Review: “Love it! I got an extra large for my 8 pound yorkie poodle (he’s 7 months and is about 17 inches from head to tail) and it fits him perfectly.

Love how fast it shipped too! I ordered late Wednesday night and it was delivered by Friday. Packaging was good also”. — Explore Beauty xo

Buy From Amazon:


24. URPOWER Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with No Spill Non-Skid Silicone Mat 53 oz Feeder Bowls Pet Bowl for Dogs Cats and Pets

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.45.48 PM.png


  • Full Dinner Set – Set of 2 Dog Bowls (26.46 OZ for each bowl). Works as a full dinner set with food and water for one. Perfect for pets up to 70lbs.
  • Non-Skidding & Flipping – Silicone stand keeps the bowl from skidding on the floor and doesn’t slide all over the place when your dog is eating.
  • No-Spill Silicone Mat- The extra large base of the silicone stand catches any spills so your floor stays clean.
  • Rust Resistant Stainless Steel – Made of high quality stainless steel with an unique silicone bottom, it’s your BEST choice for your pet’s feeding time. Both silicone stand and stainless steel bowl are dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect for Your Pets up to 70lbs – Dogs, cats and pets of all kinds love these neat, attractive and convenient feeding stations.

Price: $19.99

Popular Review: “The stainless steel bowls and rubber stand are fantastic, light weight, and hold the perfect amount of food and water for my full grown Sheltie puppy and my older and larger Sheltie who regularly drinks from the puppy’s water bowl rather than his own dish. This is interesting because I ensure that both dogs always have fresh, clean, cold water and at least a cup of dry dog food in their dishes. I particularly like this product because the dishes are stackable and the stand folds on itself and all fit comfortably in the dogs’ travel bag, which I use when dropping them off at the dog sitter when I have business out of town. I highly recommend this product for anyone with a small to medium-sized dog”. — R. Shanahan.

Buy From Amazon:


25. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 3.49.33 PM.png


  • COMPLETE HEALTH: complete and balanced everyday nutrition for your senior small breed dog.
  • SMALL BREED SENIOR FORMULA: Smaller kibble size made with delicious deboned turkey and added glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy hips and joints.
  • ALL NATURAL: Contains only premium, all natural ingredients with no wheat, corn, soy, meat by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
  • MADE IN USA: Backed by the Wellness Guarantee and proudly made only in the USA.

Price: $15.99

Popular Review: “I have special need dogs . Young and senior .. Some have missing teeth so the small bites help them eat .. Some are blind and elderly and they can smell how good the food is … Their stools are perfect and they seem so much healthier on this food . They are walking much better and their coats are beautiful. My senior dog was recently diagnosed with arthritis and uses This joint chewable supplement Vitapet Advanced Strength Joint and Hip Chewables to feel much better. She’s running and playing with her sister again and that makes me smile . Delivery was very fast and service from the Vitapet group was exceptional”. — Leigh M.

Buy From Amazon:


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